The quality of our premium single origin macadamias is made possible by a combination of the care our family of growers takes in farming, the diligence with which we attend to production, processing and the perfect environment and provenance in which we grow.

Like us, many local macadamia farmers started out growing other crops before expanding into tree nuts. Growers have brought considerable and diverse experience into the macadamia industry and our shared experiences lead to research, development, innovation and improved sustainability in local farming practices for us all. 

We partner with like-minded growers who share our commitment to sustainability, quality and innovation to ensure we can provide the highest-quality macadamias grown using sustainable farming practices.

Get to know a few of the passionate growers who partner with us to provide quality macadamia products.


Zoe & Andrew Lewis


Like us, Andrew and Zoe Lewis are passionate about being able to farm in a way that improves soil quality and increases the amount of carbon in the ground. The Lewis’ moved to their farm 15 mins outside Bundaberg in 2013 and in 2016 started planting more than 48,000 macadamias trees which grown from seed in their nursery.

Using sustainable farming practices, Andrew and Zoe Lewis have doubled the level of carbon in the ground since they developed their farm for macadamias.

Peter & Janet Anderson


Peter and Janet Anderson are pillars of the community in Childers, an agricultural town of 1,500 people just outside of Bundaberg. For more than 25 years, the community-minded couple have owned and operated Childers’ Post Office.

Peter and Janet have now applied their energy and enthusiasm to Peter’s family farm, which they’ve converted to macadamias. They produced their first crop in 2021 and are well on their way to becoming established macadamia farmers. They are caring and meticulous new farmers, eagerly learning about macadamias and applying this to their orchards. They work as an excellent team, running their family business in Childers, while nurturing the farm in their spare time.

Joel & Josh Ricciardi


Josh and Joel Ricciardi are brothers that have taking up the baton for the family farm. The orchards are nestled in the rolling hills of Childers, where they adapted a family horse stud into a macadamia farm. They love the farming life, and have a passion for the land.  Any free time they have is spent establishing a macadamia farm. They have an ambition, dedication and a passion for the land which is admirable.  


Honey Roasted Macadamias

Milk Chocolate Macadamias

Lemon Myrtle Macadamias