our offer to our growers

From our family, all the very best for a wonderful season. We are pleased to provide you with our guaranteed prices offer for the coming season.


Established in 1958, our family owned and operated business has been founded on strong values. Our purpose here at Macadamias Australia is to provide a sustainable future for all by caring for the environment, each other and every life we touch, whilst honouring our values of People, Innovation, Quality and Integrity.

Our cracking and value added plant is now well under way with completion due in June? which will provide the much needed additional cracking facilities in this region and provide economic benefit to you as farmers and the community in which we live. We are pleased to be able to provide a state of the art facility which can guarantee your macadamia crop will be cracked without requiring the investment of shares in the plant, enabling growers to instead invest in orchard improvements and expansion and to focus on producing quality macadamias. In the meantime we will continue to utilise Suncoast Gold for cracking and appreciate their continued support.

We are very keen to develop long term grower relationships to supply our facility and to meet the continuing demand for kernel and value-added products in domestic and International markets. For the last 10 years we have established key customer relationships with buyers in over 15 countries.

Our relationship with growers is very important to us and we look forward to meeting with you personally over the coming months to understand better what is most important to you. Our team has now expanded to include a Grower Liaison Officer (Rohan Orford), and through Rowan, our team really look forward to collaborating and sharing with you our learnings through many years of research and on-farm trials on ways to achieve optimal yields and quality whilst looking after our precious land.


We are pleased to provide you with our guaranteed price offer for the coming season in the enclosed:



2022 Macadamia NIS Agreement

 2022 Macadamia Nut in Shell Offer

2022 Macadamia NIS Offer – Terms & Conditions