Sustainability, Conservation & Environment

Macadamias Australia is committed to clean, green production to deliver a sustainable future! We resect our natural resources and assets.

Across all areas of our business,

our mission is to improve energy efficiency, lower costs, enhance product quality and reduce our operational impacts on the environment. Burning macadamia nut shells to fuel the drying system that gives our nuts that extra special crunch is just one of many innovative examples.

We invest and participate in ongoing scientific research to continually improve our industry. For the past 15 years, the macadamia industry has received a clean bill of health in the Australian Government’s National Residue Survey, which monitors agricultural chemicals and environmental contaminants in our fresh food. This record is unmatched by any other fresh commodity.

Fresh Air

We introduce Trichogramma wasps to our plantation to naturally control pests, such as nut borers. This has significantly reduced the use of chemical sprays, which can negatively impact on good insects like bees. Bees are under threat globally. Like other farmers, we rely on them to pollinate our crops. By installing hives in our plantation, we are protecting the bee population and our industry’s future.

Fertile Soil

At Macadamias Australia we reuse as many of our bi-products as possible. By adding nut husks to our compost mix, we are cutting down on waste, retaining moisture in the soil and reducing weeds. As well as limiting our use of herbicides, our mulch enhances soil microbes and worm activity to promote superior root growth. Stronger roots enable our trees to better capture water and nutrients to produce macadamia nuts of the highest quality.

Clean Water

We maintain the native vegetation surrounding the orchard to conserve the farm’s natural topography and reduce farm runoff to our waterways. The bushland also provides a haven for native animals.  

We are fortunate at Macadamias Australia to have an abundant supply of water, but that doesn’t mean we are complacent about how we use this precious resource. We use probes to closely monitor soil moisture, so our sprinkler irrigation can deliver the perfect amount of water where and when it’s needed. This reduces our water and electricity consumption, and limits evaporation.  


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4625 Goodwood Road
Bundaberg QLD 4670 Australia


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