Growing Region

Bundaberg, in Queensland’s Wide Bay Burnett region, has long been regarded as one of the country’s premiere food bowls. About 70 per cent of land in the region is occupied by agriculture, providing a beautiful patchwork quilt-like view from the air. The region produces 30 different fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices, and is responsible for one fifth of Queensland’s annual sugar production. Culinary delights are grown, caught, brewed and distilled in Bundaberg year-round.

Bundaberg, at the southernmost gateway to the Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s highest producing macadamia region, and for good reason.

Flat topography, fertile soil, subtropical climate and reliable water supply allow for long rows on macadamia farms. In 2015/16, almost 60 per cent of Queensland macadamias came from the Bundaberg region.

Large symmetrical, flat farms lend themselves to progressive mechanisation, making operations more efficient. Bundaberg farmers are fortunate to be able to leverage off the region’s extensive mechanical and hydraulic engineering expertise.

Bundaberg’s average annual rainfall is 1026.7mm; 60 per cent of which falls between December and March. The minimum temperature is 16.4°C and the maximum temperature is 29.5°C.

The Burnett water supply scheme, with over 600 kilometres of pipeline and channels, guarantees irrigation water for production in the driest of seasons, giving farmers some surety of regular high quality crops. Agricultural land is affordable in Bundaberg.

Like Macadamias Australia, many local macadamia farmers started out growing other crops and have expanded into tree nuts. Growers bring that diversity into the macadamia industry and share their experiences, leading to research, development and innovation in local orchard practices.

Bundaberg’s natural assets and combined collaborative efforts by growers underpin growth.

Together, we are creating a sustainable future for the local macadamia industry.

*source: Australian Macadamias, ABARES, Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Bundaberg Regional Council, ABS.


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