Macadamias Australia is a family owned and operated
grower and worldwide exporter of quality Australian macadamias

Macadamias Australia

Sustainability and Environment

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Macadamias Australia is committed to clean, green production and the world’s best practice farming methods to help create a sustainable future – not only for themselves, but also for the communities in which they work in. We invest and participate in ongoing scientific research towards continually improving all parts of the growing and production process.

Respect for Resources: Macadamias Australia is committed to natural resource protection, recycling and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Spirit of Innovation: Macadamias Australia places a priority on growing, harvest and post handling innovation. The Company infuses this mission in all levels of operations to improve efficiency, lowers costs, improve quality and reduce operational impact.

Passion for People: Macadamias Australia supports the well-being of its employees and their communities. The Company is highly dedicated to educational partnerships, philanthropy and community projects.

Macadamias Australia leads the way in the biological control on-farm by using natural methods to manage pests and diseases.

We only use organic and alternative solutions in the management of our orchards, including the use of integrated pest management (IPM) to control pests and reduce the use of pesticides.

The Australian macadamia industry’s record speaks for itself in this area – for the last 15 years they have received a 100% clean bill of health in the Australian Government’s National Residue Survey, which monitors residues of agricultural chemicals and environmental contaminants in Australian food commodities. This record is unmatched by any other Australian fresh product.

Biological control

Biological farming helps us to improve the environment while reducing erosion, diseases and insect problems, as well as altering weed pressure.

The introduction of the Trichogramma wasp has helped with nut borer and led to a dramatic reduction in the use of chemical sprays over the last decade. We rely on bees because they are a natural pollinator. This protects honey bee populations, which are under threat globally, and in turn protects the industry’s long-term investment.


Macadamias Australia uses thousands of tonnes of organic matter across the orchard to mulch the soil. This provides the benefits such as superior root growth near the soil surface to utilise water and nutrients, enhanced worm and soil microbe activity for healthier soils and reduced weed growth (which lowers herbicide use). Materials used for mulching include cow manure, sawdust, crushed macadamia shell and husk.

Conserving our natural resources

Macadamias Australia is extremely passionate about conserving our natural resources – the water, soil, air, native vegetation and wildlife. We maintain natural vegetation surrounding the farms, as a way of protecting the natural topography and waterways. The natural vegetation creates a haven for native animals and beneficial insects, as well as improving overall soil health.

Water conservation and irrigation

Installation of sprinkler irrigation between each tree allows perfect allocation of water. Soil moisture is closely monitored, using probes to assist with the right amount of water at the right time. Macadamias Australia is fortunate to have access to an abundant water supply from on-farm dam storage, underground bores and surface water from Paradise Dam.

With over 130,000 macadamia trees, Macadamias Australia is doing its bit to help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Commitment to our local communities

The Australian macadamia industry is one of the major horticultural economic contributors to the many regions in which we operate, injecting many millions of dollars into these economies every year. Macadamias Australia has been employing locals since 1957 and is a proud supporter of community projects and events.