Macadamias Australia is a family owned and operated
grower and worldwide exporter of quality Australian macadamias

Macadamias Australia

One of the strengths of our family business is the speed in which we can make decisions.

We are built on authenticity, strong values and ethics, solidarity, trust and a great respect for each other.

A close knit family, we have been blessed to follow in the footsteps of our parents and their pioneering spirit, of hard work, wisdom and inspiration. We value the opportunity and privilege to work together for the common good.

Family defines us and our approach to producing quality food products and to our business. Today the family group of companies has two divisions, Macadamias Australia and Farmfresh Fine Foods.


The Macadamias Australia and Farmfresh Fine Foods family.



Trevor Steinhardt

Company Director - Post-harvest and Marketing Manager, Macadamias Australia

Trevor joined the family business in 1978. Trevor’s passion for engineering has seen him design and oversee the manufacturing of new and innovative equipment for Macadamias Australia. Today, his role sees him covering the post-harvest management of the macadamia nut in shell, as well as marketing the kernel throughout the world.

Trevor is a proud advocate of not only his family’s macadamia nuts, but of the Australian macadamia industry both in Australia and internationally. Trevor is currently on the Board of the Australian Macadamia Society and he strives to ensure Australia’s macadamia industry continues to build on its already impressive reputation.

The eldest Son of Ron and Marion Steinhardt, Trevor has three sons, Ben, Michael and Jason


Kevin Steinhardt

Company Director and Production Manager, Macadamias Australia

With a passion for growing the highest quality and yielding crops, Kevin joined the family business in 1979. He has a keen interest and knowledge in soil nutrition and biology, in particular the use of compost and organic matter on the soil. He oversees all aspects of production on Macadamias Australia’s 1000 acre orchard.

Kevin is the second eldest son of Ron and Marion Steinhardt. He is married to Lisa Steinhardt and they have two children together Joshua and Sophie.


Janelle Gerry

Company Director and Finance / Administration Manager, Farmfresh Fine Foods and Macadamias Australia

Janelle joined the business in 1989, heading up finance and administration after spending several years working in a law firm. Janelle oversees all legal, accounting, strategic and compliance requirements of both companies.

The only daughter of Ron and Marion Steinhardt, Janelle is married to Andrew Gerry and they have two children together, Luke and Rachel.


Andrew Gerry

General Manager, Farmfresh Fine Foods

Joining the business in 1989, Andrew has worked in all aspects of the vegetable production business, prior to his appointment as General Manager of Farmfresh Fine Foods in 1998. Andrew has a passion for developing innovative vegetable solutions for the industrial and foodservice markets.

Andrew is married to Janelle Gerry and together they have two children, Luke and Rachel.


Lisa Steinhardt

Laboratory Analysis, Macadamias Australia

Lisa joined the business in 2004 to head the laboratory. Lisa does the quality testing for the macadamia nuts, which ensures full traceability back to the harvested block. A graphic artist by trade, Lisa also assists with the brand management of Macadamias Australia.

Married to Kevin Steinhardt, together they have two children, Joshua and Sophie.