Macadamias Australia, Bundaberg

Welcome to our family’s story and welcome to our farm. As the second generation, we’re proud to be entrusted to build upon the legacy of our parents, Ron and Marion Steinhardt, who in 1958 started cultivating their small parcel of land in Bundaberg.

Today, our second and third generation family work side by side on the family farm – parents and children together, just as it’s always been. We look forward to carrying on the Steinhardt family values of caring and conscious farming and sharing our sustainably grown, premium single-origin macadamias with locals, guests and customers all around the world. 


Honey Roasted Macadamias

Milk Chocolate Macadamias

Happy Nut Vanilla Macadamias

From delicious treats to tasty snacks and healthy wholefoods for your pantry; our sustainably farmed range of premium single origin products will change how you look at macadamia nuts forever. 

Take a self-guided tour of our history, see our range of locally-sourced products at our Farm Gate Shop, and enjoy locally sourced produced at our Orchard Table Cafe when you visit us in Bundaberg, Queensland

Discover why our premium single origin Australian native nuts are sought after worldwide. Whether you’re a grower, food manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, Macadamias Australia has a quality macadamia solution to suit your needs.

Sustainability & Environment

At Macadamias Australia we are committed to a clean, green future, caring for the environment, each other and every life we touch. With that commitment comes responsibility. It’s a responsibility handed down from our parents. And it’s a responsibility every member of our family and team gladly shoulder together.

Across all areas of our business our mission is to constantly innovate our farming and processing practices, improve our energy efficiency and minimise our impact on the environment. Burning macadamia nut shells to fuel the drying system that gives our nuts that extra special crunch is just one of many innovative examples.  We invest and participate in ongoing scientific research to continually improve our practices and the industry. For the past 15 years, the macadamia industry has received a clean bill of health in the Australian Government’s National Residue Survey, which monitors agricultural chemicals and environmental contaminants in our fresh food. This record is unmatched by any other fresh commodity.